Day 2 – Deepak Kanakaraju Internship training: Know Your Customers

Creating Customer Avatar

It’s awesome to note the interest and motivation I am having via the Watsup group and the sense of humour pouring in through their comments with the additional support given by the reviewers within the group.

Going back to my learning from the second webinar by Deepak sir. He began with the result submission of the Day 1 project and then emphasised on Learning by Doing (Pragmatism) as noted by John Dewy, a great philosopher. He compared the reward to that of the carrot / stick as a motivating drive to get the job done. He then went on to encourage the students to keep writing and not be conscious of the grammatical errors in English as it will improve over time.

Know Your Customers

Key to a Good Conversation

He emphasised the Art of Marketing by becoming a good conversationalist with not just 1:1 but with 1:many. He used the correlation with his interaction via emails where he focuses more on a personal rapport for people to feel that he is talking to him in person in getting the message across. Here the point to derive is the level of conversation where one feels more at ease when talking to a friend since the mistakes are overlooked and even if there are any they can always be corrected else the person can narrate the same thing in his or her own local language to get the point / message across. However on stage where thousands of people are gathered to hear your message would be a different ball game altogether as one might circum to stage fright and probably have a nervous breakdown but if one is able to speak with confidence then it would be some kind of super power to get the message across.

How do we communicate better

Here he stressed upon authenticity especially amongst a huge gathering where people are able to judge and follow you based on the authentic story rather than a fake story narrated to get the message across as the people would not connect the dots in your presentation as you go along. However if you are able to give a real life story some may be able to read between the lines and associate it with their experiences and comment too thus becoming a follower as you build your tribe while others may not and abandon you. People see the reality in you as you get them to feel their pain through your story in your blog when getting the message across. Originality is something not many may like but those that appreciate your delivery would surely be your ardent followers and in turn recommend you to others while those that would have left may later return to know about the facts shared that would bring results to the work you put in and in this way the persona portrayed would have a lasting effect in the minds of people.

He then went on to talk about who can become a better Marketeer and the ways to do so is how we angle our skills to get the message across and that if we are lacking then we should venture out more to gain experience like travel more or mingle with other people’s culture, learn their eating habits, dressing habits, entertainment, etc. The idea here is to overcome your fears by changing yourself either by travelling alone if not done else get into playing any musical instrument and later build an interest on it. However if it does not work well at least you can say you tried and get over it.

Good Conversation

Target Audience

An important point emphasized here was our target audience and how to find it through the custom avatar. Here we need to keep in mind on to how to target our customer audience using demographics and psychographics. When joining into a conversation it would be better to go with the flow of the conversation that one already has in mind rather than begin with a new conversation in order to build a rapport as people associated with the topic can relate to it which in turn can be obtained by building a list on knowing your customer’s avatar. This is why people associate better with emails or messaging as they find it more private than through Social Media where the message is for the masses and hence they don’t take it seriously. Here one should keep in mind when writing one needs to follow the golden rule i.e. Headline > First Sentence > Second Sentence > Third > Fourth where the writing should flow in such a manner that it becomes an interesting read for the end customer. A good strategy to build here towards a good relationship with your customers would be to address people by their first name, write emails like you would write to a friend and try to join the conversation in their mind. It is always better to focus on the centre, not on the border to be successful in your business for as you move away from centre, it will dilute and it’s perfectly ok.

Target Your Audience

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