I'm on a mission to empower 100,000 people to create a positive change in our society as an Entreprenuer in guiding them step-by-step on how to Launch their Digital Course Product successfully Online  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Design Your Internet Lifestyle Business - Do you want to build a super profitable business without any office or employees? Do you want to earn ₹50,000 per week selling digital courses? Then this course is for you. The FREEDOM Business Model is a proven course for trainers, experts, speakers and consultants to be able to take your knowledge and monetise in multiple ways.

About my coach Siddharth Rajsekar
He is an acclaimed lifestyle entrepreneur and sought-after digital media He is a leading lifestyle entrepreneur who's trained over 10,000 people across 4 countries. He builds multiple businesses online. Through this community, he will walk you through you a proven "Freedom Business Gameplan" that smart digital entrepreneurs are using to create a profitable digital business along with a lifestyle of flexibility. carefully designed a proven gameplan for you succeed in this game.

           4 RULES of freedom…

The term “lifestyle business” is thrown around a lot these days… but what does it actually mean?
Well, in reality it could mean different things to different people.
My personal definition, in a single word, is freedom. Specifically…
1. Freedom to choose how you want to to spend your time each day. What time you wake up, go to bed, engage in hobbies, spend time with loved ones, and so on.
2. Freedom to live anywhere you want. To travel where and when you want, without needing to ask permission from a boss.
3. Freedom to purchase whatever you want, without worrying how much it costs. To dine at any restaurant without feeling guilty that it’s too expensive. Travel to any location and have the funds to do so with ease.
4. Freedom of being financially secure and feeling free from money worries. Knowing you have income generating assets that you can rely on for funds, and can even sell for large payouts.

My Mission

Hi, my name is Shibu Gautam Chakravorty and I am going to step-by-step walk you through on how to Successfully Launch your own Product based on the proven method followed by most successful Digital Marketeers here in India. You will understand what goes behind the scene in preparing your launching pad with Courses on any Niche you are comfortable with and likewise avail some freebies that will give you a headstart on your journey to live a Freedom Lifestyle and fulfill your Dream on making it Big. Do you want to build a super profitable business without any office or employees?

Hi friends, this course module explains the concepts of the purpose of launching a digital course online which is covered over a span of three days covering 4 - 5 modules. This inturn would give more clarity on what to expect to become a successful entrepreneur once your course is up and running digitally online. So to get detailed information I request you to sign up for the core course modules listed below where I walk you through your journey step-by-step to achieve your goal and support too along the way. So dive in and start your journey with me.

Freedom Business Model

How The FREEDOM Business Model Really Works
The Self Discovery Process To Attain FREEDOM
How To Set Your Intentions & Goals To Achieve FREEDOM
What Are The Top 4 Skills You'll Need To Acquire
How To Identify Your Niche & What Products To Sell
How To Define Your Personal Brand Positioning Online
Top Recommended Systems To Build Your FREEDOM Business
And much more

FREEDOM Setup Challenge

Have you completed the 3-Day Course - FREEDOM Business Model?
If YES, then this 30-Day guided implementation is program is for you.
After testing around 300+ tools and software, my mentor Siddharth Rajshekar has brought it down to his top 7 BEST systems to help you grow. These are the tools that he uses on a daily basis.
You will learn the step-by-step process to setup your FREEDOM Business. ## You'll understand how each system is synchronous with the others.
You'll learn how to effectively use each of the systems
You'll learn how to become an "affiliate" of these essential systems
You'll be ready to start receiving payments within 30-days
And much more


1 TRAFFIC Fundamentals
The 5 Golden Rules Of Traffic Generation 00:04 Internal vs External Traffic Sources
2 Top 12 TRAFFIC Sources
1 - Personal Email List (Internal)
2 - Messenger Chatbots (Internal)
3 - Facebook PPC Traffic
4 - Email Media / Solo Ads
5 - Influencer Media
6 - Google PPC
7 - Bing PPC
8 - Display Networks
9 - SEO Traffic
10 - CPA Traffic
11 - Social Media Traffic
12 - Retargeting Traffic
And much more

Funnel Building Formula

Finding Your Niche & Building Your Money Machine
Crafting An Impactful Course Curriculum
Building Your Customer Journey
Visual Design Tips - eCovers, Product, Design, Font & Color Psychology
Building Your First Lead Generation Funnel In 60 Mins
Setting Up Your Sales Funnel In "GOD MODE" In 60 Mins

Inner Circle Vault

Create Your FREEDOM Dashboard Map To Get More Productive
How To Turn Your Message Into A Movement
The Secrets To Achieving Freedom Really Fast
Kickass Copywriting Secrets - Email, Ads, Blogs & Social Media
Latest Industry Stats + How To Systemise Your Business
How To Become UNSTOPPABLE By Tapping Into Your Inner Core
How To Quickly Fill Your Webinars Using Facebook Ads
How To Craft "Multiple Income Streams" For Maximum Leverage
How Much To Spend In A Year In A FREEDOM Business
How To Manage Your Personal Finances While Growing Your Business
How To Record, Edit & Publish Video Tutorials Even If You’re Brand New
Webinar Selling Formula
How To Make More Money
How To Create Your Own Digital Course In 30 Days Or Less
Why 96% Of People Fail Online - Here's The Secret Sauce
How To Turn Your Annual Income Into A Monthly Income

Hall of Fame

Kartika's Journey From Rs.20000 to Rs.500000 Per Month ## Ranjith's Journey To Rs.300,000 Per Month In 90 Days
Slogan's Journey From Quitting Job To Rs.125,000 Recurring Income
Sukin's Journey From Rs.50,000 To Rs.600,000 In 90 Days
Krishna's Journey Of Transformation In Personal Relationships
Vipin Goes From ₹43,000/m Salary To ₹36+ Lacs In Sales In 60 Days
Joe Thomas Writes & Launches His First Book In 90 Days
Priyank's Journey From ZERO to Rs.500000 Per Month In 90 Days
Bhupendra Goes From ZERO To ₹10.44 Lacs Within 30 Days
Raj Nanjunda Goes From ₹40k To ₹400k Per Month In 90 Days

Webinar Selling Formula

Welcome To Webinar Selling Formula
The Deep Down Secrets To Getting Predicatable Conversions
Components Of A Successful Webinar
Decodong My Rs. 250,000 in 90 Minutes Webinar
Complete Sales Webinar Recording
Ideal Webinar Presentation PPT Template
Ideal Webinar Frequency
How To Take Your Game To the Next Level

Freedom Leadgen Challenge

Challenge -
Day 1 - Preparing Your Lead Generation Sharing Campaign
Day 2 - 10 Minute Linked-In Hack To Get Leads Quickly
Day 3 - 10 Minute Facebook LIVE Technique For Lead Generation
Day 4 - 10 Minute Article Bootlegging Hack To Get Quality Leads
Day 5 - 10 Minute Facebook Article Tip To Attract Leads
Day 6 - How To Instantly Get In Touch With 200,000 People Online
Day 7 - The Ultimate Selfie Video Technique For Lead Generation
Day 8 - Attrract More Than 10 Leads A Day For Facebook LIVE
Day 9 - The Most powerful Sharting Technique On Facebook + Linkedin
Day 10 - A Special Gift For Completing The Challenge

Copywriting Mastery

Welcome To Copywriting Mastery
The Secrets To Writing Brilliant Copy
5 Differenr Types Of Copy
How To Do Content Research Before You Write
Email Copy
Ad Copy
Blog Copy
Social Copy
Sales Copy
How To Scale Up To The Next Level.

Facebook Traffic Mastery

Welcome To Facebook Traffic Mastery
Setting Your Foundations Right
How To Prepare Your Landing Pages
How To Setup The Facebook Tracking Pixel
How To Setup The ClickMagick Tracking Pixel
How To Target The Right Audience
How To Create A Powerful 1-Minute Video Ad
How To Setup & Launch The Ad On Facebook
Understanding Budgets &
Conversion Ratios
Facebook Ad Guidelines & Policies
How To Take This Learning To The Next Level


A Business Without An Office or Employees
7 Types Of Business Models The FREEDOM Business Model
6 Principles Of FREEDOM
5 Pillars Of FREEDOM
How To Master The 5 Pillars Of FREEDOM
5 Reasons Why People Fail Online
3 Levels To Achieve FREEDOM

90-Day Challenge

How To Build An Unshakable Business
Mass Traffic Secrets ## List Building Secrets
Money Getting Secrets
Top Traffic Secrets

Here are some of the interviews shared by Siddharth himself based out of his training program from his students that have got fabulous results.

Bhupenddra (BSR) Cracks ₹1.1 Crores In 30 Days!!

Alok Keshri Achieves ₹10.6 Lacs In 5 Months

Rakesh Achieves ₹730,000 As A Digital Health Coach

How Kartika Nair Grew To $10,000 Per Month Within 12 Months