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DMOS  Shows You How to get a slice of the action.

• Be different and set your rules
• Create value in your ecosystem
• Fuel Innovation with new products.
• Let your clients fight for your freelancer services

DMOS gives you practical tips and inspiring examples to alter your mindset. You will be bursting with ideas to become the top Freelancer in Digital Marketing.

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DMOS Key Customer Acquisition Strategies you can leverage | Online Business

Having to run your own business digitally which has now become the trend setter for many and more so be ahead of the rat race when it comes to getting noticed and staying ahead in today’s digital world where one has to invest on various tools to run their business which unfortunately are chargeable either monthly/annually thus bringing a heavy burden to their cost with the ROI getting impacted and left with little or no choice but to still use the tool.

How does one come to the rescue on satisfying the customer’s needs with some powerful business tools required to run an online business successfully without the monthly/annual burden cost. So here is where DMOS (Digital Market Operating Suite) comes to play as it is a platform designed specifically to give a one-stop solution for your business needs thus cutting cost in the long run and avoiding the hassle of monthly/annual charges which is normal in the case with many SAAS companies like Clickfunnel, ahref, Google’s storage drive, voice-to-text recording, etc to name a few.

To avail this platform and enjoy the benefits one must first sign up to become a member of this private link which is currently a Life Time Deal for just Rs.10,000/- The price may increase in the future as DMOS upgrades its platform to the next version with more additional tools specific to business needs where you in turn benefit at no extra cost should you decide the enroll now.  

Let me brief you on the salient features and how it will impact your business:


DMOS comes with a library of templates for you to create unlimited funnels for you or your customers specific to their niche and assign them to yours or your customers’ website.

Bot automation

Like Many Chat, DMOS too has its own bot automation where you can send unlimited sms and social media posting on Facebook & Instagram. You can also do website comparison and Hashtag search

Email Management Tool

To avail this tool you need to have a free email central account like Send Grid which allows you to send at least 100 emails per days or Mailgun which allows you 5000 mails per day. Once signed up with Send Grid you need to sync the Email Management Tool

Using this tool you will easily grow your email list, increase conversions, and optimise your audience engagement with beautiful emails and autoresponders, high-converting web forms, list segmentation, and unique delivery tools.

Gig Drive

DMOS provides you with 1TB FREE space where you can upload your documents for further use. There are some handy DIY (Do It Yourself) resources for you to manage your business. The resources contain cheat sheets, checklist, actionable step-by-step procedures for troubleshooting, etc Here is a list of what to expect: Content Roadmaps, SEO checklist, website audits, email marketing templates, SOPs and much more.



A must have tool for your business where a lot can be done like creating spreadsheets, MindMaps, accessing your email inbox, add in call logs, collect leads, add clients, snapshot, prepare invoice, To-do list and much more

Schedule online Meetings

As we all know that online meetings have become the in-thing when it comes to scheduling zoom meetings in the office with employees or clients or even conducting online Live classes/webinars/workshops that one had to depend on zoom which gave you 30 mins of free call and then you had to pay. Well now one does not have to depend on any third-party apps since DMOS has come up with it’s built-in app to connect people via Audio Conference, Live Class, Podcast, Video Conference and Webinars and what’s more is that it supports unlimited invitees on the call.


Another cool feature in DMOS is the analytics tool where you can just copy the code and embed it in your website for daily tracking

Text-to-Speech Voice Tool.

Should you feel nervous/shy and not be confident of your voice modulation then here is the right tool to use that converts Text to Artificial Intelligent Voice specific to the accent of your choice that is Indian/US/British/Australia, etc and the gender of your choice. This in turn will scale up your business in terms of presentation. You can send messages to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, etc


Link Shortner

Like bitly where you get to shorten your url the same is available in DMOS however with bitly it is not customizable and use need to use the generated link given whereas in this case you can customise the shortening of your url link spicific to the project you wish to shorten thus giving you a better chance to identify/recall the required link.

BIO link

Just like we have the BIO link which is similar and unlimited to create for you, family members and friends. 

SEO Tools

A must have tool for most digital marketers when it comes to optimizing your website organically with SEO. With these tools you can monitor your website, check your backlinks to spy on your competitors, build your authority, check your link rankings on Google Search Engine, your search queries, keywords that drive traffic to your websites, and much more

Like I said with the provision of these packaged tools DMOS helps you to scale your business 10x and also you get online support when required. What more is the possibility of a few more added business tools with no extra cost coming your way to ease your workload thus making work faster and more efficient.

DMOS is available for entrepreneurs on, an invite-only marketplace that connects business owners with a certified community of freelancers to outsource their tasks and build efficient and trusted virtual teams.

Here is a review from Business Standard on DMOS which has grabbed many people’s attention and in turn sign up to avail the benefits  DMOS has to offer for this Life Time Deal at a very affordable price for just $144 or INR Rs. 10,800/-

Click here to make your purchase.

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