Day 1 – Internship Program under Digital Deepak

What have I learned from my first webinar regards the Internship Program?

To begin with I was very excited and all geared up for the program as I felt it to be one of a kind, to be able to learn online from one of the Greats that is Deepak Kanakaraju who happens to be a well known Digital Marketing Trainer cum Coach in this Digital space here in India with loads of experience thus placing us in the right path and more so guiding us step-by-step into what needs to be achieved to Master the Art of Digital Marketing where we inturn can utilise the same for our career growth else for Freelancing as we now see this option being taken seriously and by storm globally that we got to capitalise on the opportunity.

Being a student of his and having bought quite a few courses earlier out of sheer interest has really not got me going since on trying I got stuck in between and found it difficult to handle it on my own and also there was lack of motivation to keep me going. Being a teacher by profession with very little Marketing experience and just about sufficient knowledge in computers was never going to see me reach my goal and yes I wanted some kind of push or motivation to get me inspired to achieve it and what better way than this program where we not only get continuous support from Deepak but also we get to mingle with other students who are in the same wavelength as me else better off to be able to seek guidance via the Watsup group chat or via Facebook.

Now to begin with as per what was discussed in the webinar was the way it was handled with clarity and likewise ensuring that we all were on the same page and asking questions in between to reconfirm if the message was getting through to the audience, taking votes via poll as indicators to access the situation and likewise notifying others as to what needs to be done if they were facing audio issues. His rate of space was good too and I’m sure many felt it comfortable.

His slide deck began with a few ground rules followed by the reason of finding the gold nuggets when it comes to niche clarity. Ideally the situation here was to ensure that we were focusing our attention on serving the end-customer’s needs by visualizing their pain and being able to have a ready-made solution that is able to solve their problem via products or courses where they would then get back to us for more and likewise refer us to others thus making our work more easier.

He then went on to explain to us the lucrative market and the potentials it has if we take this job seriously based on the competition. He also gave us an insight on the Global market base on the stats and what it would mean when it comes to handling recession and how it would impacts the weaker players who are not ready to handle the situation in comparison to the ones who are able to withstand the crisis and stay strong to the very end. He then educated us about the Key Basic Skill relating to Communication and how it plays a big role in this Industry to meet the end customer’s needs. A few handy tips were dished out like reading for atleast 30 mins per day, listening to podcast, writing more to increase our vocabulary, watching more English sitcoms to improve the quality in our English speaking and to try and be thoroughly knowledgably about the subject you are promoting in order to build confidence measure with your customers and out beat your competitors. The future of Digital Marketing was spoken in length to boost our morale in getting us across the line and also getting us to see the broader picture on the path we are heading ourselves too with a few real life scenarios and marketing strategies to be compared with. He gave a gist on how Integrating Digital Marketing works.

Simultaneously he shared his blog on How to Plan and Execute an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign so that we get familiar with some of the terminologies used in Digital Marketing and also the tools that we would need to use as we come across during the course of the training. A lot of emphasis was discussed about selecting a niche especially with reference to Money, Health & Relationship as the hot targets for most customers. He also discussed the stats in terms of the money one can earn in the long run once we get the hang of it. He then went on to talk about how to do Market Research using some of the tools like UberSuggest, Answer the Public, Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, Search Console, as we go about building our own blogs and monetizing it and likewise tracking our competitors. He also discussed about Google Trends by giving us an insight on the current happening events that we need to be aware of if we are to be profitable in this business which to me was a good take away towards the end of the webinar session.

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