Choose any two WordPress Themes or Plugins or a combination of both for just $1 only and build yourself an amazing website.

Attention Web Designers, how many are new here and are just starting this skillset journey for their gig?

How many of you are currently struggling on pursuing your Freelancing career as a WordPress Web Designer only because of the challenges faced ahead when it comes to accquiring paid themes or plugins to complete your WordPress projects?

Well let me admit that I too went through this same phase as some of you are going through right now where a few of my dummy projects went on hold due to financial constraints since the paid themes or plugins amounted to approximately $49 each and to complete my project I required more than one paid theme or plugin.

This got me frustrated thus causing me to lose interest on my passion and had me thinking if I had made the right choice and should I now quit and look for an alternative skillset to serve clients in either Fiverr/Upwork with the elutional concept in mind that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Having the mindset and staying firm on my belief I told myself that I will not quit as I may just face a similar challenge later with the alternate chosen gig. So I decided to continue on what I love doing and move ahead come what may.

To my good luck in one of the chat forums I was advised to check out GPLD that provides WordPress themes and plugins at a lower cost. I’m glad for taking the sound advise as I was able to continue with completing some of my pending dummy projects at the affordable price.

The catch however was that no support would be given and no license key would be provided but it had all the functioning features need to complete my websites just as I would have purchased a license version.

So if anyone is going through a similar situation and need help at accquiring any WordPress themes or plugins at an affordable price to continue their project and at the same time enhance their skills as a WordPress Web Developer then here is an offer you can not  refuse nor regret but to thank me later once it is put to good use.

So rather than investing in Envato for almost $49 for a particular theme or plugin you can invest the same for under a $1 however here is the  disclaimer:
. It will not come with any license key
. It will not come with any support
. There are no refunds.

This offer is currently valid till 25th July. So, if interested, you will can whatsapp me at 8334860666 with your name and email id along with details of the specific themes or plugins. The payment can be made online to download the themes or plugins. 

Avail this unresistable price offer on any two WordPress repository themes or plugins or a combination of both for  just $1 only.

I hope this helps you in getting your projects completed as a WordPress Web Developer.



Q1. Can it work on multiple websites?
Ans: Yes

Q2. Is this valid for 1 yr or Life Time Deal
Ans: Life Time Deal

Q3. What if the one I need is not available, is there an alternate one?
Ans You will need to do a Google search however it has worked for me.

Q4. Are the themes or plugins geniune?
Ans: Yes they are all 100% genuine and from a legit source as I am a paid member and have access to the site.

Q5. What is the duration period for me to download the purchased theme or plugin?
Ans: It would be uploaded in the drive for a week for you to download however I would request you to download it immediately once purchased.

Q6. How do I make the payment?
Ans: Once you have selected the theme or plugin, please notify me via whatsapp with your name and email id to 8334860666 (sample format given at the bottom) so that I can cross-check the availability and accordingly provide you the payment link to download the paid theme or plugin of your choice. The payment can be made via PayPal/GooglePay/PhonePe. 

Q7. Do I need to select just the ones displayed or can I provide you the ones I need which are not displayed?
Ans: There are a lot more WP theme and plugins so  if you have a particular one in mind which is not displayed, then do share it to me so that I can cross-check at the backend, if available I will notify you so that you can go ahead with the purchase and I will send you the link.

Q8. How will I receive it?
Ans: You will need to provide me with your primary email id so that the downloadable link can be sent. If you don’t see it in the Primary section then please do check the Promotions else the Spam section for it. I would appreciate it if you can confim once received.




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