7:00 am class

7:00 am class with GG for his OBM & DMOS Family

It is thrilling to keep learning new stuff on a daily basis from Gaurav on various topics being explained both practically and theoritically keeping in mind the basics and guiding us to achieve our goal. To add to it or rather put the icing on the cake is the free give-away documents taught on the day’s topic plus the crowd-sourcing/braining storming mindmeister to reflect on what has been covered for the day in a nutshell. To be honest I did have some knowledge on Digital Marketing as I was and still am a student for some of the top Indian influencers and I wanted to be a mister know it all kinda guy for I felt each topic taught on Digital Market by various influeners both Indians and foreigners played a very crucial role thus leading to have this shiny object syndrome till GG made me realise that it is all about specializing on a particuar topic and being really good at it that makes one a winner in one’s field/niche. So I decided to move with web designing and I am still proceeding along the way with the help from YouTube to guide me and get me to where I am now although I still have miles to go before I sleep. However something is better than nothing and as Sidz would often remind us of not getting into this “analysis paralysis” mode but to start on something and keep progressing along the way.

I recall joining GG in May 2020 post Deepak’s webinar on Freelancing and I tried my hand on becoming a Freelancer and took the serious mindset on completing as many Certifications as possible thus attaining the Credly badges to do with Digital Marketing since the schools were shut then and I had a lot of time in hand then. I recall the #Freelancer Festival Challenge, the #Get Fready launch book cum Summit preparation which actually took me to a whole new level and got me seriously thinking of specializing in web designing, the #31-for-31 day Challenge, the #EOY Challenge and now the #21-for-21 day Challenge. These were some of the key factors that I always looked forward too and now the upcoming Bootcamp. GG to me has truly been inspirational in his deliverables and so were some of the team members that chip in now and then with their deliverables. The learnings have always been fun and interesting too.

Being a teacher it is bit challenging to make ends meet but 2021 is my dream goal to reach my destination and I hope to achieve it. I’m sure others here too have the same inspiration like me so I wish them all the luck and we hope to make this happen and keep GG and the OBM family flying and marching our way to success…cheers!!! Shibu

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